Multipension is a cloud-based pensions system. It offers pension providers a fund collection management system and enables them to seamlessly accept pension contributions. It can be white-labelled and provides API functions.

The system is a cloud based open platform, written in Java language, which allows any interested pension providers to adopt the operating system as if it was their own.

The API is based on the latest Oauth 2 technologies emulating what HMRC has implemented in its MTD system. This allows payroll software providers, Pay Bureau, and any other ERP systems, to submit their contribution data to pension providers with ease.

PAPDIS V1,0 and V1.1 have been adopted as the standard file formats for accepting the contribution files. Since almost all payroll systems support this PAPDIS file industry output format this enables the API partners to save time and resources in getting their systems to work with this open standard multi-pension system.

The system complies with the latest TPR Workplace pension rules. The system automatically checks how many employees ought to submit their contribution data to ensure an employer carries out their Workplace pension duties correctly. Assessments and Comms letters are included.